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Download: Latest Sentinel Key Drivers - Citect SCADA. We wanted to alert you to an incompatibility we have identified within the Sentinel USB licensing mechanism of Citect SCADA and Vijeo Citect. While work is ongoing to formally rectify the incompatibility issue within the Sentinel USB Licensing mechanism, we have validated a.

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In CitectSCADA there are two types of dongle keys available one is the Once you have downloaded the latest sentinel driver and ciusafe you. If your Citect SCADA system uses Sentinel Licensing, you may need to update each USB key with a valid authorization code retrieved from Schneider Electric's . Citect SCADA Update 2 (October ) Oct 9 Citect SCADA Update ( October ) Oct 9 Vijeo Citect Service Pack 1 - Patch 34 (October ) .

Do you have any old backups? Make sure the key is recognised in the ciusafe. Change View. You can do this by going into My Computer Properties and going into Device manager. The USB keys also come as Time stamped ones which runs for the time specified in the key for example 'Apr to Jun '.

If it's the dongle that is "remebering" the date then you will need to contact Citect. Sorry I cant be of more help. Strange, it runs when date is May 17 as that falls withing the dates of displayed ion the Licence but todays date December also falls within those dates. Sorry I cant be of more help Sorry reread your post about trying different dongle..

If you've removed and re-installed project then only thing left is re-install Citect or try different PC. There used to be a file in the project Folder that ended in.

Sentinel driver citect

I think it held information about the project. What happens if you create a totally new and un-related project?

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Is the entire PC stopped from running or only this one project? Sorry, am a beginner in the field. Don't know what's an Integrator Dongle. Tried a new project, still an issue. Previously I tried running the projects in a virtual machine, VMWare, same issue.


Just tried on the other PC with difference project, no issue! It's weird because virtual machine should act like a seperate machine. I wonder if it's the project that keep cetain file which prompt citect to adjust itself to new "actual" date.

You're of great help already. I appreaciate your opinion, a lot. Can't thank you that enough. Well I've uninstalled Citect, deleted all the folders and do the installation again but error still exist.

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The thing is I'm using the same back up file. But I think it should be an issue because back up file is not supposed to interfere with anything.

Guess it's my computer settings then. What an issue. Perhaps the only solution left is to reformat it. Or talk to tech support at Citect.

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And how is reformatting the machine going to help if the key is damaged or invalid? Just because it reads it does not mean its working correctly It is not a key issue. Stated troubleshooting already. It can be used in other computer but one.

Latest Sentinel Key Drivers

Will talk to citect when things can't be resolved. Sorry i missed the part where it was working in another machine Did you reinstall the Sentinel USB key drivers as suggested? I am a Citect integrator we get "special" dongles for our use, these dongles have a yearly validity and will only run for a set amount of time.

We use these in house. When we hand over a job to a client then we use a "normal" dongle these don't at least they never used to have any time restrictions.

Driver citect sentinel

What happens if you attempt to run Citect without any dongle plugged in? In versions 7. Do you have any old backups? Dua Anjing, Thanks, you reminded me about system restore. Had tried backup project as the first troubleshooting option. Am working on 7.

Driver citect sentinel

Thus not sure if it's the comp or version prob, don't have the time to troubleshoot yet. I am a system integrator too, but new. Thanks for sharing all that knowledge.


Not yet. My senior engineers suggested the same solution as well. Key read in ciusafe but not recognised in runtime: This depends on the type of computer you are using Desktop or Laptop the first section covers the desktop and the second section covers the laptops. Desktop Double check the ports are working fine and goto your C: If you are using 6. The required values were i. Mitsubishi 0xD iii. Nexa 0xD iv. Vijeo 0xD You can check this by going into the Device manager and looking under the Ports section, you will notice that ECP Printer Port is missing if the Laptop is undocked.

If the laptop is undocked and you do not have the parallel port driver in your device manager then follow the steps given below. This is to check if the driver is properly installed. Make sure the key is recognised in the ciusafe. This depends on the type of computer you are using Desktop or Laptop the first section covers the desktop and the second section covers the laptops A. Change View.