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Windows bit, , KB, , ESPx2v-v1_zip. unified driver and control panel, Windows Vista bit. Windows Vista bit. ESP is the perfect audio gear for multi channel recording applications in your 32 channel MIDI I/O and an EWDM driver with DirectWIRE functionality. Drivers are supplied that support Windows , Windows Server which detected two devices in turn, and the ESP Panel.

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Free Download ESI ESP Audio Interface Driver for Vista/Windows 7 ( Sound Card). ESP PCI Interface Card. · MIDI I/O, Digital I/O Cable Connector for PCI card. · 44pin D-SUB cable (2m). · This User Manual. · Windows driver software CD. Did you also install the software for the ESP sound card? If you have, the setting of the control panel is default so you might need to.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Mark Ewing Meanwhile, the Control Panel page devotes its left-hand side to inputs and its right to outputs. Installation and setup Again as with most units, this is very straight forward. To get the most out of the unit and make it easy to get at the back connections I would suggest using a patch bay if you're installing the unit in a rack. Performance Again this is where the interface shows its worth.

The Mixer Panel page houses a bit digital mixer, where for each of the 10 inputs and 10 playback channels there are digital faders with a dB range, peak-reading meters, pan controls, and mute functions activated by clicking on the dB readout box beneath the faders — even with the faders pulled fully down, you need to use these to completely remove a particular channel from the mix.

ESP from ESI

Overall level is set in the Mix Out section by a further pair of digital faders with a stereo Link button, and monitored on stereo level meters. The ESP Panel utility provides versatile control over the eight analogue inputs, two mic preamps, eight analogue outputs, monitor mixing, and headphone switching options of the ESP Meanwhile, the Control Panel page devotes its left-hand side to inputs and its right to outputs.

Driver esp 1010

With a fixed input sensitivity of dBV, I found these inputs a good match for most of my hardware synths. Analogue inputs 1 and 2 are more complex, and initially a little confusing.

Each has two gain controls, the first a slider with a 60dB range operating in the analogue domain, and the second a rotary digital gain control offering up to 15dB of additional gain. There are also tiny buttons beneath each channel for switching between M ic and L ine use, which can be changed independently for each input.

In Line mode, and with the gain at 0dB, inputs 1 and 2 are identical in sensitivity to inputs 3 to 8, but when in Mic mode, an additional preamp is switched in.

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According to the manual you can't use the XLR and quarter-inch inputs simultaneously, but I found both are in fact still connected to the preamp in Mic mode, so you should be very careful not to leave line-level signals plugged in to the quarter-inch jack sockets when plugging a mic into the associated XLR socket. The phantom power is also confusing. This will probably be sufficient in many situations, but may limit headroom. The Control Panel Output section contains digital level faders for each analogue output, once again with a 60dB range, and arranged in pairs with a stereo peak-reading meter alongside each one.

1010 driver esp

Activating either or both of these removes the normal playback signal from these outputs and replaces it with the combined mix output from the Mixer Panel described earlier, which is handy if you want to monitor your inputs with 'zero' latency during the recording phase and simultaneously hear the outputs from your multitrack sequencer.

The Control Panel is completed by a small panel that lets you manually select sample rates if required, choose internal or external clock options, and view a readout of the current clock source and sample rate.


With my now traditional double-blind listening tests, I auditioned the sound quality of the ESP against my benchmark Emu M and Echo Mia soundcards, using a wide of material including solo vocals, guitar, drums and percussion, plus rock band, dance music, jazz trio and classical orchestra. As you might expect on this occasion, it was easy to pick out the more expensive Emu M every time for its tight, focused sound — the other two cards provided high-quality sound and each instrument appeared in the right place, but with the Emu I felt I could almost reach out and touch them.

As always, these were subtle but nevertheless noticeable differences, and while the other two interfaces were slightly different, they were very tricky to tell apart reliably.

Driver esp 1010

However, after a prolonged listening session I decided the ESP had a slight edge over the Mia for its more natural top end.

When the stereo Mia was first introduced it cost as much as the eight-channel ESP, so this is an excellent result for ESI's latest offering. Running Rightmark's Audio Analyser roughly confirmed the manufacturer's quoted dynamic range figures: The low-frequency Total harmonic distortion was a very good 0.

Overall these are a very good set of figures for this price, and taken in conjunction with my subjective auditions, I feel that ESI have done an excellent job. On the driver side, with my Pentium 4 2.

Driver esp 1010

If you like a bargain, the ESP will be right up your street. Let's Switch Again The rack breakout box is certainly smart in its two-tone grey finish, and was robust enough for me to stand on it without worrying unduly.

Control Panel The Panel utility has some similarities to the one supplied for ESI's Julia, but has had a graphic makeover, and this time spreads the controls over two pages. Mark Ewing Meanwhile, the Control Panel page devotes its left-hand side to inputs and its right to outputs.

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