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In , Ogunde continued writing plays with political undertones. He then released another politically-themed play, Towards Liberty , in His last two films, Aropin N'tenia and Ayanmo were shot at the Ogunde film village. MP4 p In Northern Nigeria, the performance of the play was limited to certain areas due to allegations of seditious dialogue. Like many of his theatre contemporaries, such as A.

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Film King Khan Child protection; …. Amjad Nawaz Karlo MooN Studio Layyah. Tweet MP3 kbps. MP4 p Tubidy Ahmad Nawaz Cheena Videos.

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Download sakon yr manawana ay full Shafa Ullah Khan Rokhri. Chowar Ghawandi Bai, Komal Khan Download ahmad nawaz cheena punjabi song - GenYoutube. Keep me logged in Don't have an account? Write a Comment. The talks were not fruitful but while in London, they had the opportunity to take waltz and tap dance classes. In his later operas, he syncretized the waltz with the traditional Batakoto dance and tap dance with traditional the Epa dance.

In , Ogunde continued writing plays with political undertones.

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Bread and Bullet , first performed in , is a play about the coal miners strike in Enugu that resulted in the shooting of twenty-two people in that year. In Northern Nigeria, the performance of the play was limited to certain areas due to allegations of seditious dialogue.

In January , he staged a reproduction of his play Black Forest , re-arranging the play to introduce English and Yoruba dialogue. The African music featured was created by both Western and African instruments. The re-produced Black Forest and Bread and Bullet changed his style of drama from Yoruba folk opera to an improvisational theatre where dialogue is spoken.

Ogunde then released a string of plays with dialogue either spoken or sung. He released an Islamic morality tale, My Darling Fatima , in He followed this with three situational comedies: In , his theatre went on a tour of Northern Nigeria that included performances at the Colonial Hotel, Kano.

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During this time, Ogunde ceased to write as often as he did in order for him to be able to go on grueling road tours to different parts of the country. The Ogunde Theatre Party became a traveling theatre group thereafter.

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In , he produced two important plays: Yoruba Ronu and Otitokoro. They both spoke of the political events in Western Nigeria, events which led to the declaration of the state of emergency in He was the most prominent of the dramatists of the folk opera. He composed over 40 operas in Yoruba.

His play Yoruba Ronu or "Yoruba Think" was a satirical account of the strife that plagued Yorubaland in the s. The protagonist of the play, Oba Fiwajoye, is betrayed by the actions of his deputy. He is given over into the hands of his enemy, Yeye-Iloba, leading to the imprisonment him and two of his political allies. The deputy then ascends the throne and rules as a tyrant before he is eventually killed by the people.

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During the performance, Akintola and a few others walked out, feeling it was a subtle attack on their role in the Western region crisis.

It was banned in western Nigeria for two years to as a result, but was produced with great success in other parts of the country. He produced his plays Ayanmo and Mama Eko for the television audience. Ogunde was a representative of Nigeria to Expo 67 in Montreal.

In the late s, film director Ola Balogun directed two successful Yoruba films. The first, "Ajani Ogun", was co-produced with the actor Ade Love. The second, "Ija Ominira", starred Ade Love.

Ogunde decided to join the trend. He invited Ola Balogun to direct Aiye , an adaptation of one of his stage plays. Ogunde chose the play partly because it attracted crowds during its run of performances.

The film premiered in , and within a year it had made its money back. Ogunde sold some of his properties to finance the movie. His third film was Aropin N'Tenia , another adaptation of a stage play which had premiered in The film had fewer mystical symbols than those that preceded it.

His fourth film was Ayanmo , originally adapted from a play that had been dedicated to his wife, Adeshewa, who had died previously.

Ogunde established a film village at Ososa, his hometown, to serve as a film shooting studio for his films in His last two films, Aropin N'tenia and Ayanmo were shot at the Ogunde film village. Ogunde released many music albums during his career.

Assan Ap Sharabi Ahmad Nawaz Cheena New Punjabi Saraiki Culture Song Full Hd

His distinctive voice marked the songs in these albums which, like his plays and films, demonstrated knowledge of the Yoruba ethos. The most popular of his albums is Yoruba Ronu , a soundtrack to the play of the same name. From the s onwards, he produced a soundtrack album for each play. In , he was invited by the Nigerian government to form a national drama troupe. In the play, Ogunde incorporated some of his favorite dance steps, Ijo-Eleja or the dance of the fishermen , Asan Ubo-Ikpa from the Ibibio culture, and the kwag-hir from Tivland.

Ogunde established an estate at Ososa. The venue served as the rehearsal center for the national troupe before his passing in Ogunde married more than ten wives and had many children. The Ogunde Theater was largely a family run business, and all the wives and children took part in the productions at one time or the other. Some of the children were actors and actresses, while others were drummers, singers and ticket sellers.

All of the wives shared the stage with their husband at various points in the history of the theatre. The manager of the Ogunde Theater, who also happened to be one of the wives, was the former Miss Clementina Oguntimirin. She later became known as Adeshewa Clementina Ogunde or Mama Eko , taking the latter moniker from the popular s play of the same name that she starred in. Ogunde became the leading producer of Yoruba celluloid movies, with J'ayesinmi Let the world rest and Aiye Life!

He was ill during the shooting of the film "Mr. Chief Ogunde died on the 4th of April, , at London's Cromwell Hospital following a brief illness. During his life, he had been honoured with a chieftaincy title, thus making him an Oloye of the Yoruba people.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hubert Adedeji Ogunde. The cinema in Nigeria.

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Enugu, Anambra State. Nationalism and Retrospect". Nigerian Tribune. African Concord. Themes in Theatre. National Gallery of Art.

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