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Code 39 driver error

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How to fix a 'Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)' error, often caused. Lists the error codes that may be reported by Device Manager and the Code 39 “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the device that is reporting the error code 39, is another possible solution for this.

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When error code 39 occurs, then, in device manager, all USB ports error description appears: “Windows cannot load the device driver for this. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)”. Error 39 mostly occurs after the installation of Logitech USB Webcam drivers. Error Code 39 is a device driver error code which pops up when the Windows operating system cannot load the driver for the hardware you want to use.

Double-click the icon that represents the device in the Device Manager window. Click the Start button. Recommended Resolution Unplug the device from the computer, and then plug it back in. If a resource cannot be changed, click Change Settings. There are two ways to remove faulty drivers. Click Control Panel on the right side menu. Tried reinstalling the drivers with no success.

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Alternatively you could use the Windows repair tool called Reimage, which can reinstall your Windows installation, on the fly, without the requirement of your Windows CD, and with very little expertise.

Reimage is also highly proficient at fixing device manager errors along with the lingering effects of them. So this is definitely a recommended option. Anyway, you can find out more about this tool here:.

Error Code 39 – How to Fix It

There is always the chance that the error code 39 is due to the operating systems inability to authenticate or initialise the device drivers at that particular instance.

In which case, a simple restart may be all that is needed to fix it. Did you recently make changes to a device on your computer, just prior to receiving the error code 39 in device manager?

Error code 39 driver

In this particular situation, you should consider undoing all recent changes, then restarting your computer. Use System Restore to undo all recent changes to your operating system.

A Guide to Fixing Error Code 39

You could try installing a different, working driver for the device you changed. Anyway, you can download this tool from the following link:. The last method you can try is to use the Roll back the driver feature in Device Manager.

Driver code error 39

To do this, simply do the following:. This will bring up Device Manager , from here; double click on the Device that is reporting the error. If after attempting to either update or reinstall the drivers of your device, the problem still persists then there is a good chance that the error is registry related.

In order to fix this problem, you will need to delete a number of keys within the computers registry. Make sure you take extreme caution when working with the computers registry, as changes to the registry are irreversible and can create additional problems if mistakes are made while altering it.

Once you have removed all of the keys related to the device that is causing you problems, you will need to reinstall all of the drivers and applications that are required by the device in order for it to work correctly.

How to Fix Code 39 Errors in Windows

This will bring up Registry Editor , from here, navigate to the following path:. Depending on the Device that is reporting the error code 39, you will have to navigate to the corresponding path:. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the device that is reporting the error code 39, is another possible solution for this problem. Reinstalling a driver is not the same as updating a driver.

Indra Jun 01, You are genius! Martin Jan 30, Spent hours on this trying so many different solutions all without success.

Windows 10 V HCVI causes driver error code 39 | Born's Tech and Windows World

It was your second tip removing those settings from the registry that made it work. Thank you very much. Simon Nov 28, I spent so long installing and uninstalling various drivers without success but simply deleting the upper and lower filters worked. I finally have sound. Carl Oct 13, Harry Feb 19, After a week without sound on my gaming PC, I was tearing my hair out after trying everything.

Error driver code 39

After I found this method, I was going to reset my PC to default if it did not work. I tried step 1 as it was something I hadn't tried, I gave it a shot, and I had sound again!

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fix Code 39 Sound Driver Issue [SOLVED] - Driver Easy

Helen Feb 12, After months of having no sound and being told by someone who knows about computers that my sound card was dead. I almost gave up until I followed step 1. I finally have sound again on my laptop. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!! After months of not having any sound and being told by someone who knows about computers, step 1 finally fixed the sound on my laptop. Thank you very much!!!!! Jennifer Dec 30,

Driver code error 39