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The Tools and Drivers CD contains several software applications and utilities for use with your Sun Fire X M2 server. TABLE B-1 lists the contents of the CD. The Oracle Sun Fire X M2 Server Service Manual provides information and procedures for maintaining and servicing your server. Sun Fire X M2 Server The Sun Fire X server is the best performing and most energy efficient 4-way, 1U x64 server on the market. With up to twice the.

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Download the latest drivers for your Sun Microsystems Sun Fire X M2 to keep your Computer up-to-date. Hey guys, I got the above server for free from a FB sale. I've done some research and it seems I can't get ANYTHING from Oracle without. Nov 27, I bought a SunFire X M2 off eBay some time ago and when I added some RAM, it doesn't recognize it and it was suggested to me that I.

So I was wondering if anyone has access to this sort of thing and could get drivers for Windows Server , and the last 2 or 3 BIOS updates in case the latest is a dud. Show Ignored Content. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. Terance Jun 13, at Any one please help me my Sun fire X M2 server will support Hyper-V server as a host platform or not.

Money may be provided if required.

M2 x2200 driver fire sun

Thanks in advance. Admins please move if necessary.

Download Server System Tools and Drivers - Sun Fire X M2 Server Service Manual

Jun 27, Messages: Good luck, I wouldn't let any money change hands. Dec 1, Messages: Renza , Sep 28, Aug 27, Messages: They ran a nforce based board from memory. Crusher , Sep 28, The drivers for this server are free to download if we run a Windows based OS, but pool mines typically do better on Unix or Unix based systems like Solaris.

Installers you can get via deliberate use of Google. Solaris 10 should already have drivers for all of the hardware in the Sunfire X What hardware doesn't work that you think will work when you install drivers? Have you read the manual?

[SunHELP] Sun X M2 Drivers/BIOS CD?

Don't mean to sound rude, but it describes how to fully install Solaris. Also lists the supported operating systems such as a few flavours of Linux. Our problem is getting the drivers installed.

Depending on the drivers you're looking for, you can get Solaris 10 media from edelivery. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Sun Fire X M2 drivers etc

All rights reserved. The following topics are included in this section:. You will need the following to set up the PXE server:. Instructions for setting up the Red Hat kickstart server can be found in the system administration guides for Red Hat Enterprise Linux:.

The remainder of this procedure assumes that the PXE files have been installed in this directory.

Installation of Hyper-V server on sun fire X M2

Save the latest syslinux- version. Change to the memdisk directory. Open the boot. Type the following line after 0 -Local Machine.

Save and close the boot. Edit the default PXE Configuration file as follows.

X2200 driver m2 fire sun

Open the default file in a text editor. Type the following lines after the label0 section:. Save and close the default file.

You will need the following to run diagnostics on a target Sun Fire X M2 server:.