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The procedure in this topic installs the OLE DB provider on a Windows 7 Install the appropriate Netezza® appliance client tools. file (for a bit installation) in the /drivers directory of the Windows installation package. This section describes the procedure for installing the IBM Netezza OLE DB provider on a Windows client system, configuring the provider and data sources, and. The client tools software of the IBM Netezza appliance contains the ODBC drivers , the JDBC drivers, the OLE DB provider, and the.

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The IBM Netezza ODBC and JDBC clients, OLE DB provider, jap-lang.info Provider are supported on multiple Operating system, bit, bit. While trying to install the (64 bit) OLE DB drivers for Netezza on a Windows environment and runningthe installation program as specified. Follow these steps to install the OLE DB provider. Installs the IBM® Netezza® OLE DB provider. On a bit system, both providers are installed, and the bit provider is installed in the \WINDOWS\SysWOW64 folder.

Wait until the Welcome screen displays and click Next. NET Framework, which Microsoft developed, is a software development framework. NET 3. See Also. The Netezza. The Aginity Amp application is installed into your user home directory, for example, c: Unsupported ADO.

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