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Microsoft Windows. Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later; Windows Vista (64bit/ 32bit) Service Pack 2 or later; Windows 7 (64bit/32bit) Service Pack 1 or later. SxS UDF Driver software enables read/write of MXF files recorded in UDF Fixed the problem that causes kernel panic on MacBook Pro or. INTRODUCING NEW SONY'S SXS PRO+ SERIES, THE PROFESSIONAL RECORDING SxS PRO+ Memory Card Brochure; Drivers; Memory Media Utility.

Published: 01.08.2015
File Size: 16.32 MB
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003//7/8/10 or MacOS 10/X
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Applies to: PMWMDPMWPMW-EX1PMW-EX1RPMW-EX3PMW-EX Item. Size. Info. Link. Item: SxS PRO Device Driver (Win V). Applies to: PDW-HR1PMWPMWPMWPMWK1PMWK2 PMWKPMWLPMWPMWXDSXDS-PDXDS-PD Software: SxS Device Driver V (Win) + V (Mac). Version: 1; Friday, October 15, UDF / MXF is now supported.

Do not shut down or restart PC while reading or writing data on SxS memory card. Kindly click here. What is the difference between the "Quick Format" and "Full Format"? It is a function of the OS's specification. If I set up this software as a memory resident programme, will I be asked whether I want to register an SxS memory card when I just insert it?

In the event that the User fails to comply with this Agreement, Sony may terminate this Agreement immediately at any time by giving written notice, and the User shall be liable to Sony for damages arising from such breach.

If this Agreement is terminated as specified above, the User shall, within two 2 weeks from the date of the termination, destroy the Licensed Programme and associated documentation, and shall furnish Sony with a written declaration to the effect that this has been done.

The provisions of Articles 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 hereof shall survive any termination of this Agreement. If any part of this Agreement is found by competent judicial authority to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the terms of this Agreement shall continue in effect. Matters not specified under this Agreement and disputes arising over the interpretation of this Agreement shall be resolved through good-faith discussion by Sony and the User.

Should you have any questions concerning this Agreement or, if you desire to contact Sony for any reason, please write: Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte. Save this Agreement to your hard drive or by printing it out for future reference. It is always recommended to use the latest version of SxS device driver. Download available in this page. Downloads are available in this page. Operation is not guaranteed for operating systems later than the one described above.

We do not recommend that you update your OS to If you have already updated your OS and are unable to switch back to the previous version such as After installing this application on your computer, you can use its intuitive graphical user interface to organize your clips by copying, moving, and deleting them.

You can also perform format conversions, preview the clips, and view their metadata. This software supports the following clip formats. NetFramework4 is not installed, the extra hard disk free space of MB is necessary. Operation is not guaranteed when used on PC with upgraded OS. Operation is not guaranteed for all PCs meeting the requirement described here.

Operation is not guaranteed in the following cases: Asia Pacific. Change Country. High Speed Data Transfer. This high-speed capability is realised due to a higher specification of flash memory and a newly-developed controller.

Additionally, speed degradation is avoided thanks to intelligent functions. A portion of the memory is used for system files and may vary. This chart defines the firmware version necessary to be installed on the hardware for SxS memory card compatibility. Media firmware update may be required. For detailed information, please refer to SxS Memory Card: Driver Downloads.

Driver pro sony sxs

Firmware and Setup Utilities. For details visit our website at SxS Memory Card: In case any contents have been recorded in the SxS memory card, please make a backup copy before formatting to the UDF format.

Limited Warranty. For the countries other than U. If this product should prove defective in workmanship or material when used in accordance with the guidelines and conditions presented in the instruction manual, Sony warranty to repair or replace it with an equivalent product free of charge. This warranty is limited to the conditions indicated above. Sony cannot be held responsible for data loss from this product arising as a result of damage to this product.

Term of warranty: Ten 10 year from the date of original purchase. For more information to obtain warranty services, please contact your Sony Authorised dealer or your Sony Account Manager. Click the question to find the answers. What is ExpressCard TM? The ExpressCard standard is thinner, faster, lighter and offers modular expansion. ExpressCard was developed to achieve higher performance compared to PC card.

The transfer speed by serial transfer is 2. What are the differences between SxS and other ExpressCard flash memory cards? Sony Corporation.

The firmware upgrade is available for download here. In certain cases, the OS will not allow data to be written to the card even when the write protection switch is turned off. Data may be destroyed. Stored data on memory card could potentially get destroyed.

The sales price and life time of rewriting are different.

Pro driver sxs sony

What are the differences between SxS memory card and other ExpressCard flash memory cards? SxS memory card utilises a technology protocol optimised for controlling communication between hardware and media to enable high-speed data transfer. Also, SxS memory card offers high reliability required for professional media.

Yes, you can use the same device driver for SxS-1 as well. Are there any precautions I should be aware of when formatting my SxS memory card?

Data will not be deleted completely by using the "Format" or "Delete" function on the hardware. If you want to delete the data completely, use commercial software or destroy the card physically.

When recorded at full capacity one time per day, SxS-1 will continue to use for approximately five years. The value may defer depending on the device or usage conditions. What is the required Windows OS? Yes, you do. You can download the device driver from support site. The OS may become unresponsive. When you want to remove SxS card from a Mac, eject or drag and drop the icon to the trash can. It is a function of the OS's specification.

Sxs driver sony pro

Do not remove or insert SxS when PC is in sleep mode. For Windows: Do not allow the PC to go into sleep mode while data is being written to SxS card. For Mac OS: The following problems could occur: When using SxS memory card with a Mac OS, are there precautions that should be taken with constant removal and insertion of the card?

If memory card is removed without following the correct method, the Mac may become unresponsive.

Software: SxS Device Driver V (Win) + V (Mac)

Formatting SxS using a PC is not recommended. Operation is not guaranteed because of the following issues: Please visit their product support site prior to use. If SxS is repeatedly removed and inserted quickly, drive may not be recognised. The device is left in "My Computer" though memory card is removed from the PC. Please do not insert SxS during sleep mode. When SxS memory card is not recognised, please remove and insert it again. If SxS device driver is not installed yet, please install it into PC first.

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It is available for download from support site for free of charge. If you are using the old version of SxS Device Driver, please install the latest version. If your PC doesn't meet the system requirements, SxS device driver cannot be installed. Please confirm the system requirement at the SxS support site. Please install the latest version of SxS Device Driver. Within Mac OS Please click "Get info" from "File" menu and check the file size byte in accordance with download instructions on the website.

Do not remove SxS memory card while data is being read or written as the OS may become unresponsive.

After repeated insertion and removal of the SxS memory card while reading or writing data, the PC will cease to recognise the memory card. Do not disconnect SxS memory card from PC while reading or writing data on it.

Sony Creative Software - SxS UDF Driver

SxS memory card might not be identified depending on the type of PC. After shutting down or rebooting the PC while reading or writing data on SxS memory card, PC did not shut down successfully.

Do not shut down or restart PC while reading or writing data on SxS memory card. PC might not be shut down successfully depending on the type of PC.

Driver sony sxs pro

It's the specification of OS. To eject the SxS memory card from the PC, drag and drop the icon to the trash can. Inserting or removing SxS memory card when PC is under sleep mode dormant state or standby mode.

OS may become unresponsive. Mac OS: About transition to sleep mode while data is written or read. About the repetition of removing and inserting SxS memory card. If memory card is removed without ejecting, PC might freeze. If you are using Mac OS X v. If you are using Mac OS v. Please do not return PC from the standby mode by inserting SxS memory card.

Have you installed SxS device driver for PC? If your SxS device driver is not installed, install it first. You can download it from here.

If the driver is already installed, remove and try again.


If your PC doesn't meet the system requirement, SxS device driver cannot be installed. The compliant programme was released in November To download latest device driver: SxS Drivers for Macintosh. The configuration of the hardware and driver has been changed and older versions of the SxS Device Driver does not support MacBook Pro laptops released after October Option 1: Update to new driver. SxS Drivers for Macintosh Option 2: The procedure to un-install the SxS Driver is as follows.

The file is available to be downloaded at the website below.

Sony SxS PRO device driver en UDF driver | VOCAS

Follow the steps instructed by the un-installer, and complete the un-install operation. Finally, restart the OS. If this happens, remove and insert the memory card according to the instruction manual. If the Portable Storage is connected to the Windows PC through the Thunderbolt interface, the following functions cannot be used: NetFramework4 is not installed, the extra hard disk free space of MB is necessary.

Operation is not guaranteed when used on PC with upgraded OS. For Memory Stick PX series users, please see here. For SxS Memory Card users, please see here. Use of an external USB memory card reader is required. Size 19MB Version Ver 4.